Constantly in motion,

learning and trying
new things.

I am always seeking new opportunities to use creativity and design to create experiences that are joyful,
meaningful, and genuinely useful to peoples lives.
Just a peek of who I am.

For me, being a designer means taking control and seeing the world through my own eyes…
Marco lopes @ cssdesignawards
If you work separately from customers and stakeholders, they don’t have any direct investment in what you produce. You have to sell your design because you need to communicate all of the factors that went into the design process.

Dribbble Porto Meetup

“The first Porto Dribbble Meetup was awesome. It was a very informal event where the stories and
know-how shared on stage were impressive. Great speakers with interesting talks about
customization, game design, typography, new platforms, and how Dribbble helped growing their companies.”
Marco lopes @ dribbble stories

Had a pleasure to organise the first dribbble Porto meetup

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