tools i use

Tools i use

Is so many tools these days, we don’t know which ones to choose or which on suit best your purpose, i would like to share some of the tools and services i use today to accomplish my daily tasks. While a lot of it comes down to personal preference and your specific business needs.


This list will change and evolve over time as new tools and technology become available and our needs change, but I’ll be periodically updating our Resources page to keep things current.

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Dropbox — file syncing and storage
Dropbox is one of those apps that I can’t remember not having. It’s super convenient for syncing files across all of my devices and without having to think about it. I’ll usually store all of my working files in Dropbox so I can access them anywhere and also make sure they’re backed up in the cloud. When I need to share files with someone, sending a Dropbox link is much smoother than trying to email massive files back and forth.


Google Docs — brainstorming, planning, collaboration
Google Docs is one of those tools that I couldn’t live without. I have docs for all of my ideas, concepts, brainstorms, and ongoing to-do lists. It’s become so integrated into my daily workflow for pretty much anything text-related. Often jump into a Google Doc and edit it simultaneously (which still feels like magic) when i’m are working on new ideas.


Evernote — Taking notes, storing inspiration or even keeping track of random ToDos or travel
It took me a while to find the real value of Evernote but it slowly became an extension of my brain. I use it daily for taking notes, storing inspiration or even keeping track of random ToDos or travel plans. It’s a must have and it just syncs beautifully across all devices. If it’s not Evernote, you will probably use another note taking app, but there is no way around one.


Fantastical — calendar
I’ve never been great at keeping a detailed calendar, but Fantastical is the only thing that’s helped me stay sane and actually put appointments and events on my calendar. Both on desktop and iOS, Fantastical makes is super easy to add new events with natural language input. Rather than click a bunch of tedious menus for start/end times and alarms, I can simply type “Lunch with Peter tomorrow” and Fantastical makes an appointment for 12pm the next day with preset alarms


iA Writer – long-form writing
There are hundreds of different text editors and word processors to write in, but the distraction-free environment and subtle design details of iA Writer make writing so much more enjoyable. It puts me in a different mindset and has really helped me focus. There’s only one font and pretty much no customisation. I was skeptical of its simplicity at first, but once I tried it I was immediately hooked.


Invisionapp —  high fidelity prototype 
If you need a better way to present your ideas and design work to clients, one that goes beyond just static images of interface designs, then Invision may be exactly what you need. This prototyping tool allows you to turn your designs into interactive prototypes. Transitions and animations, along with real-time design and collaboration capabilities and version control and sync capabilities, make Invision a multi-faceted tool that may fit a number of needs for designers.


Sketch app  —  Product Design 
For UI related work, I made the switch to Sketch a two years ago and haven’t looked back since. While it can be a little bit buggy at times, it sped up my workflow considerably, and exporting assets no longer makes me want to ‎******.
Of course one of the best things about sketch is the support for 3rd party plugins. Don’t expect a stable time in Sketch with a million of these installed but is a pretty good ones out there, craft from invision is an amazing plugin.


Zeplin —  Specifications
Zeplin allows me and my lovely developers to work better together by providing a specifications document that is automatically generated off my design in Sketch. With the Sketch plugin I mentioned above, all I do is press ⌘E and my design is automagically sent to zeplin in a pretty little package for the developers to poke around in.


Slack —  Team communication
Email still works well for longer, non-urgent communication but Slack makes it really nice to communicate with multiple people at once or have a quick conversation where there’s a lot of back and forth. It’s essentially a much smarter, better-designed, more powerful version of the old chat apps we used to use like Google Chat or AIM. One of the best things about Slack is being able to pick up where I left off on any device.

Have a wonderful week,
Marco Lopes

Thank you for reading, if you have anything to add please send a response or add a note!

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