Marco Lopes

Portuguese Designer living in Barcelona.

is a designer curious about all things creative. His path into the design field was strongly influenced web and graphic design. Aware of the importance of the design in every aspect of the human life, he strives to learn something new everyday to become a better designer and individual.
“I am recognized as being good at managing, leading and matching deadlines, but also being a team player.
Bring people together and motivating a team when working on a challenging project is what I love.
I am convinced that I will always have new things to learn in the field of Design, so I am constantly looking for new challenges, unique experiences and extraordinary people.
My idea of great product design combines a user centered approach with a strong and appealing visual language. With the experience I gained as a Senior & Lead Designer working directly with various clients, I am able to quickly adapt to new challenges.Being quite hands-on, I enjoy getting involved in the whole process, starting from ideation and conceptualisation to designing, prototyping, testing and shipping the ideas. My ideal work environment consists of a collaborative multidisciplinary team, always researching and playing around with new trends.

I'm keen on simple interfaces and clean design.
I try to keep myself ahead of the curve when it comes to the most recent web and design technologies...

I’m working as Sr. Product Designer for letgoapp, marketplace, letgo has over 2millions downloads in the US.Previously at Casumo, where I develop products for Gamification, design-driven games, make the experience for gamers to be engagement and fun. I’m always open to a new challenge that’s one of the reasons I move to a different city from London to Porto and now in Barcelona, so like that I can develop my skills on different fields and do what I love.
Working at Farfetch Former (Lead UX/UI Designer) where I develop and build UX & Research teams, from 2 to 30 designers, also I’m responsible for all the design language at Farfetch, build and release the whole redesign website, is been a huge accomplishment for myself and for my team that time with 2 designers. In the end, I set up a new structure, I was Leading a team of Product designers between Porto and London.
This project gave me the chance to innovate the visual language and apply a lot of critical thinking in the process. We had to develop new creative solutions and use different specialists. At the end, we established a design pattern and a visual language that is now being used by all other platforms. It was a long and fascinating process.


"His work, as a Lead Designer, inspires his co-workers for better design and challenges them for having always top level design."

Sérgio Laranjeira
People Lead @ Zalando

"His attention to detail and visuals, making sure he's on top of the latests patterns and web trends, makes him, in the end if the day, a very important asset to the team. "

José Silva
Head of UI development at Farfetch

"Marco is one of the most talented designers I've had the pleasure of working with. His attention to detail is second to none and he's one of the most creative, disciplined and organized designers I know..."

Guilherme Costa
Lead UI Designer at

"His social media activity and contribution to the online design community shows just how passionate he really is about his career and it would certainly makes him a good brand advocate for any employer."

Andy Wiseman
Tech Talent Partner @ Casumo

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2O17 – Current
Senior Product Designer @letgo

11 Months
Senior Product Designer @Casumo

3.8 Years
Lead UI Designer @Farfetch

Host & Speaker @Porto design meetup

2O14 – Current
cssdesign awards feature jury

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  • Principle for Mac
  • Adobe Suite
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  • Photography

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