Dribbble Meetup Porto 2016

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Work, fun and inspiration

Designer’s life is always full of concentration on work and it gives a professional probably the most important part of the improvement that is practical experience. Although, today it is not enough to get better: modern designers, especially in the spheres of web and app design, which are so young and fast-growing, should be ready to learn all the time and communicate with the colleagues to broaden their own professional horizons. Knowing that, myself and other friend we don’t support the idea of getting limited only to job tasks therefore we take parts in various events and meetups. And this post is about one of them.


The idea is to join in the same space different designers, developers, and artists to share their ideas and inspiration.
DribbblePORTO Meetup is a chance for designers, developers to socialize, talk shop, and foster Porto design community.

The Brand

—Logo / Brand
Wanted to make something from Porto culture and habits, so i choose on of the most known monuments in Porto, draw it from sketch but give it some personality.


 — Online presence  
Best way to communicate is online, so create Facebook page, Nvite page from people to signup for the event, send out few newsletters with the updates, local, speakers…


— Grow Porto design community
My aim was grow the Porto design community and bring everyone together to talk about pixels, life style, was a free event with a support from Farfetch, SketchApp, and some other companies.

Logo and brand case study

After all the logistics were setup i start to draw few logos, many of them, did the normal process every designer does. Many versions, many hours…

Final logo

After lots of versions i end up on the option below, must say love it.
The final logo represents Porto Culture and habits, the street lamp ,seagulls , sun to represent the sea, and of course the ” Tower of the clerics ” a monument well known among the Porto population, add all the main elements of Porto.

Designing Icons and Poster

Online marketing

Newsletters, online invite and sign up

Meet up recap

Around hundred people gathered in the audience, the snacks and drinks flowing, rounded off by delicious pizza from Bondlayer. We had a great time, and even though the weather was horrible outside, people showed up and wanted to be a part of this event. Proving Porto is the perfect place to have designers connected and engaged for creativity. The local community understands that design can powerfully influence and enrich our lives.


This was the first step. We want to make a revolution and make it through design and creativity in Porto.
Share ideas are the beginning


Simple IO Kit

Free UI Kit, It’s a clean and trendy sketch template
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