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Ux & UI design


To create more clear definition of what i want to build did a market research of current competitors. Gathered data and analyzed their user experience, finding their weaknesses and their strengths.  Also quickly mockuped a few user flows, and looked for apps on the market that are offering similar functionalities: like saving to wishlist, selling products, track orders.
User research helped me understand the potential users, the terminology they see, the content of their work, how they currently perform their tasks and what opportunities exist for better supporting their tasks.

User Scenarios

Wanted to validate the idea as soon as possible so i skipped creating design stories and user task flows. After had a clear vision of what i want to build, i have found similar user and behaviour patterns that can be used.
To be sure that the choices i made (meaning functionality) cover the needs of the target audience, I have created a couple of user scenarios based on our personas. Listed bellow are the three scenarios for 3 different types of users that we have.


After the goals were defined it was time to create the wireframes.


Usability and visual design help shape the product’s story. Testing it at different stages help me to refine the story and validate the assumptions.
I created few interactive prototyping to make sure the journey and all the elements were in the right place, to see if what we are building actually works, even did a few user test’s. After gather all the information and review the designs and the prototype.

Visual Design

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a user interface that will provide a clear understanding of the user activity and encourage them to the watch as a fast tool to check all the orders, keep update on products.
The main goal was to provide a layout that will give a user a clear and meaningful understanding of the data he is looking at. A great challenge was also designing for the Apple Watch, so the end users could commute on the go., without reaching for iPhone into their pockets.


UX & Design, Reinventing the “Caixadirecta” app, case study
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